A greener Apple?

Bravo! Greenpeace’s Green my Apple campaign that I was writing about a few months ago actually moved Apple founder Steve Jobs to make environmental soundness of their products a top priority. This has been announced a few days ago in a letter from Steve Jobs (prominently linked from the Apple website’s front page) and was of course celebrated by the campaigners.

Well done, everybody that participated–Web 2.0 rocked the real world. But this can only be the beginning, in order to not poison us and our planet with toxic e-waste the whole industry must follow and go beyond. Focus needs to shift from North America and Europe to a more global picture. Poor working conditions of labourers in production and dismantling (especially in low-income countries like China, where most of the computers are produced nowadays) must also be reviewed critically and improved in order to achieve sustainability. I am very much willing to pay a little extra for a sustainable computer. How about you?

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