Taking off again

After almost two months of silence a sign from me. People were already emailing me, asking if I am alright.. Thanks for caring my dear friends and readers — yes, all is good. 🙂 Well, in another bicycle accident last week I broke my right hand (don’t ask), but that’s healing now. Also I was busy with fulfilling my travel plan, some Ecobytes related work using my new tiny laptop (IBM X31, Ubuntu setup via kernel on USB stick and boot from the internet, hehe). Generally I did not feeling much like self-reflection. Head -> sand? But a start for some travel writing is done, so more should follow soon.

In about one hour — eeek, need to sort my stuff, have a shower and pack — I will get a lift to Switzerland from where I will travel via Milano to Ecotopia in Portugal. See you out there!

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  1. Hello hello,

    you just popped into my head and i recalled that i saved your website when you were here in hausmania last month.
    i have now walked across norway, 24 days of walking is fantastic for the mind and body.
    i believe i am properly prepared for the next two months here in hausmania.
    its been a couple of years since i’ve spent such a strech here in oslo.

    enjoy your travels, i’m sure we’ll meet again.


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