Green my Apple campaign

This is wonderful, Greenpeace started a bold campaign adressing the computer hardware industry and Apple computers in particular, who is ranking last on their list for green electronics, demanding their products to be better recyclable and free from toxic substances. The campaign uses all sorts of Web 2.0 viral channels including a fake keynote video on YouTube with Apple founder Steve Jobs announcing the Green Apple. Not to be missed is their special “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ad. As you would expect, Greenpeace takes the company by its weakest point — their image — and uses well-known symbols of Apple’s fame and redirects their energy with the help of subvertising techniques. Very clever, and I am sure Steve will react to it as soon as “greenness” becomes a desired feature in computers. First reactions of the commercial Apple crowd were mixed though: A Greenpeace booth got evicted from MacExpo London last October, but activists could roam freely at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco a few days ago. So, help making the computer industry go sustainable by spreading the word!

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