Now hitch-biking, Travel Plan updated

Yep, after working like there is no tomorrow for G+J in Hamburg for a few months — hence the silence here — I am officially on the road again. Still hitch-hiking, but now accompanied by a fully featured small fold-up bike (R+M Birdy premium + mud guards + back carrier) — I call it hitch-biking. Getting from Hamburg to Vienna via Schwerin and Munich was surprisingly easy, despite the relatively big cargo. This tells you how much unused space there is in cars on the road. One empty truck took the bike into its empty cargo room — there would have been room for hundreds of bikes, even unfolded! Anyway, all those moments when I badly wished for a bike while walking for kilometres from a drop-off point to the next good starting point are now past. Unfold bike, mount Greenpeace bags, be cycling happily, cycle a little further just for the fun of it. 🙂

Just so you have a better chance to get hold of me, here is my current Travel Plan for this summer.

2 Replies to “Now hitch-biking, Travel Plan updated”

  1. Nice bike. Want to have this one too 😉
    I hope you will ride trough Schwerin too these days.
    Hope too see you soon.

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