Bianca Meinhard Iskra Benn

Just to let you know that today Bianca Iskra and me will change our names to Bianca Iskra Benn and Meinhard Benn Iskra at the occasion of our wedding in Belgrade. If this is a surprise to you, note that you are not the only one. :)

We will tell about more about this living art collaboration project here in a short while. Check out the gallery. Now off to to the registry office!

And no, I will not twitter this. :-P

Update: Some pictures of the big day

Update 2: We are divorced by now. Still good friends, don’t worry. However, I changed her name in this article on her request.


  1. karen Says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!

  2. CH Says:

    Glückwunsch, Bianca Iskra Benn und Meinhard Benn Iskra!


  3. Jan Helge Says:

    Na sowas :-)
    Nur das Beste für euch! Ich gratuliere aufs Stärkste- angegrüßt aus Mainz,
    der Helge

  4. Matthew Says:

    Congratulations! Cool idea with the name changes… I really like that.

  5. jan Says:

    na wer haette damit gerechnet – herzlichen glueckwunsch und alles gute aus wien

  6. EYFA Board Says:

    And congratulations in the name of the EYFA board! Party at Ecotopia we hope!

  7. Emre Özkapı Says:

    this is interesting my friend i wish you have good time with your lover… Good chance.

  8. Eike Says:

    Wow, Meinhard, euch allit Jute aus Berlin!!!!!!!!

    Wie schön!


  9. didi Says:

    meinhard, salutations and all the best from the bucharest people!
    congratulations once again!

  10. Faber Says:

    Meinhard… Can’t believe to this!!! Great news, man! :D
    Hope to chat with you soon

    See you, mate

  11. Jurgen Says:

    Wow, that’s amazing news! You’re always full of surprises :-) All the best to you both, I wish you a beautiful, awesome, long and healthy marriage!

    Catch you hitchhiking sometime, somewhere?

  12. bomboclat Says:

    it’s a long time now since we last met, are you passing by to italy?
    we are organizing hackmeeting in palermo this year, and plenty of people is willing to discuss sustainability, so what about telling your experiences ? :)
    it will be held on the 26 27 28 of september, so, you have time think about it.
    but for now, happy hitchhiking and again congratulations!