Best Pizza in Napoli

Today I enjoyed legendary pizza in Napoli’s most famous pizzeria “Da Michele”. Well, famous for locals. It is a tiny inconspicious shop that doesn’t look any different to any other of the hundreds of pizzarias in Napoli. Accept this one exists more than 200 years and has a massive crowd queuing for a seat infront of it most of the day. Da Michele refuses to expand their business or even to fix up the place a bit. They do good pizza and that’s it. They only offer two types of pizza and of course it’s really cheap. See this guide for more information.


..and here I am, city of Napoli. Andrea (a friend from Dublin) and his family gave me a warm welcome in their city. I shared last night’s accomodation and todays train with two guys from Mississipi. Hi Lucas, hi Gerald, nice meeting yous. 🙂 The train journey was nicely slow and scenic. On the first sight Napoli looks quite industrial. I will have a look at the historical city centre tomorrow.

Germany – Italy

Just arrived to Pescara/Italy. Had my first pizza and learned my first essential Italian words: “ostello” and “mangiare”. 🙂 I flew with Ryanair from Frankfurt-Hahn. Btw.: When you are coming from somewhere in northern Germany the best way to get to the airport is a “Bohr” bus from Cologne central station. It’s only 5 euros and takes 2:15h. Off to Napoli tomorrow..

Rheinland family

I went by weekend train ticket to Rosbach in the southern Rheinland to stay at my family there before I fly to Italy. Thanks to the lovely weekend ticket people and to Regine for hosting me.

Iraq war protest Berlin

500,000 and 1 participants in Berlin at the big protest for a peaceful solution to the Iraq issue – yeah! “Hoch die internationale Solidaritaet!” 🙂


Happy birthday to me! 🙂

Working in Schwerin

After being in Berlin, some places in Poland and Rostock over Chrismas and New Year’s I’m now working away in my hometown Schwerin/Germany for a while. Maddin and Kev host me and my laptop in the mandarin/Friko office. Thanks!


I’m in Düsseldorf! Thomas who I used to work with at Giga TV in 1999 celebrates his birthday. For fixing their Linux internet router they let me stay in their flat and give me food.

Website up version 1.0 alpha is up! The portfolio will be greatly extended and more main categories are about to be finished. So check back soon.

Working on things in Dublin

For a number of reasons I found it more convenient to return to Dublin and work on my portfolio and my website from here. So here I am, tinkering on my laptop since 2 weeks now. New plans for Galway are the beginning of the new year.