Eco nerds

I met Erik from Sustainable Ireland today in Barcelona. We went to the sustainability department of a huge university campus in the north of the city. After this we visited an eco info centre in town and met the former sustainability counceler of Barcelona, also organising the yearly Earth Day. Muchos sostenible and good fun. Is this green tourism?

Dublin – London – Girona – Barcelona

I wrote some “Beatnik poetry” with a group of young Americans and slept well at Europe’s biggest free hostel – Stansted Airport. Walking through Girona I bumped into a wall with beautiful grafitti of some Kanastah heads from my hometown Schwerin. Respect, boys! Girona was also my first encounter with spanish summer heat – Jeysus bullets, fucken boilin down here!

Leaving Dublin

“Auf zu neuen Ufern!” – My last day in Dublin. I moved out of the house OK and said Goodbye to a lot of people at my leaving party 3 days ago (thanks to all for coming). Tonight I’ll fly to London, in the morning on to Barcelona, a couple of days later on to Madrid, Koeln, Berlin, Schwerin, Prague, Ecotopia2003 and then I don’t know. 🙂 I’ll keep you updated here. Slan go foill, Eire!

The best things in life are free

Just enjoyed a Lunchtime Concert with traditional Irish music presented by a young quartett called Slide. Over the next few summer weeks there will be a series of *free* cultural events in Dublin’s pub quarter Temple Bar. It’s called Diversions and will end on August 31st. So if you fancy a visit to Dublin – this is the time to come! Also I would like to express that I currently feel extraordinary well. A lot of things just work out very good at the moment.. Yeah! 🙂

Busy, busy

Wow, no message for 2 months. Have been pretty busy working on some freelance projects and getting comfortable in Dublin. Also during the last weeks I have been working a lot in Cultivate. Yesterday Sustainable Ireland’s Convergence Festival started. I’m helping out at its Media Centre. So there is plenty to do here for the next two weeks.

St. Patrick’s Day

A big parade in town, sunshine, free things and drunk people with strange hats everywhere in the streets. Slainte!

Empty house

Back in Dublin I found our house “Winston Ville” derelict. Only Hernan the Argentinian is still staying here. With paniced eyes he tells me about the mice in the house and the landlord knocking down the place very soon. Well, I moved to a smaller room that has a fireplace, I put up the Italian peace flag that I got of Andrea’s sister Chiara in Naples. Very cosy and the best thing is it’s *free*. 🙂

Bologna – London-Stansted – Dublin

After travelling by train from Florence to Bologna and on to Forli I took the plane to London-Stansted. I slept at the airport which changed into the largest hostel in Europe just after 11pm. So many people sleeping everywhere! I met back two Americans living in Dublin that I met at a organised pub crawl in Rome, a small world it is. Thanks Stansted Airport for letting us stay! 🙂


Florence today. It’s common knowledge that it is a beautiful place to be, so I won’t write much on that.. I got paid to attend a medical conference. Some guy was asking people sitting at one of the many piazzas if there were in for it. Not bad, cocktails in the “Art Bar” tonight! 🙂


I saw the pope in Rome today! Well, I saw a little dot in a massive window high up in a giant building. It’s true, there is an “uuhh” or “aaah” at every corner of Rome.