The banana analogy

This morning I found a banana on the street and I picked it up. Simple thing to do, but think about it for a moment. You see it from a few meters away, this perfectly fine banana, in the middle of a parking area, you are rushing to work in a disconnected group of office workers coming from the metro. Um, yummy. It’s like someone has placed it there for you. A trick? But maybe it just fell out of someone’s bag. How does a banana fall out of a bag? There is without doubt something fishy and tempting about this banana.

This is what I expect the two seconds to be like, between the moment when a driver spots me standing beside the street, looking for a hitch, and passing by me. The brave person stops and picks me up.

PS: Hey, this is my blog, I can write what I want, OK? :o) Real news: I am living and working in Hamburg for a few months now, going to the BeWelcome developer (un)conference in Antwerp for the weekend.

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