Oops, did I go to the wrong page, I hear you say. After more than four years I gave my website a new design and made it a proper blog with comments, feeds, a nice archive and — that’s good news for myself — a powerful back-end. Some parts are still pointing to the old page, but I’m working on that one. What do you think so far? Comments please!

7 Replies to “ 2.0”

  1. Where’s the old gray? I like it much more. and comments. Good work.
    ps maybe your new gmaps widget at the right can track in time your travels? that would be interesting to see.

  2. didi: there wouldn’t be much to see in the map at the moment then — i have become quite static. 😉 anyway at the moment it is only a mock-up widget which i steer manually. but i’m working on a proper back-end via kmap.

  3. Wow how nice! Let’s hope the will be plenty of Meinhart-posts here in the near future!? Or are u too busy redesigning the whole site? Maybe som new pics even? I’d love that. Anyway – Mi-e dor de tine from time to time, hope to see you somewhere sometime again!

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