Leaving Vivendi

My last day at Vivendi. I’ll go to Galway early next week to find somewhere to live and work. Eimeir stays in Dublin to concentrate on her thesis and her last college projects. But for now it’s a couple of days holidays and freedom, feels good. 🙂

Testing games in England

Vivendi sent me and some other testers to Dewsbury near Leeds to work directly with a games developer for 6 days. Interesting experience..


I went to Ecotopia for 10 days. It was a gathering of people interested in sustainable living from all over Europe. The camp was set in a beautiful countryside near the lake Lough Derg. I had a great time. 🙂 I also spontaneously decided to give a little workshop about Open Source.

Testing video games

I changed job and am now working at Vivendi Universal Games as a video game tester.

Mokey is born

I got my own server again. It’s a “root server” from 1&1 and it’s located in Karlsruhe/Germany.

Technical support agent

I started working at HP/Compaq as a technical support agent – Call centre, yeah!

A villa in Dublin

I moved to Dublin, Ireland! I share accomodation with my girlfriend Eimeir and 6 other people. It is a nice Georgian house known as Winston Ville on the north side of town.